Chicken with lemon and almonds
chicken fillet on pan, with almonds-and-lemon sauce, and with mashed potatoes

300gr - 10.90lv
Chicken “Pilar
chicken fillets on pan, with mushrooms and processed cheese, in cream sauce

300gr - 10.50lv
Stuffed chicken roll
slightly smoked, with dried tomatoes and spinach, flavoured with olive oil and basil, with white rice

350gr - 12.50lv
Greek schnitzel
chicken fillet in breadcrumbs and mustard, with French fries

350gr - 9.80lv
Chicken with forest mushrooms
with porcini, meadow mushrooms and fragrant sauce, with white rice

350gr - 12.50lv
Pork fillet with rosemary and garlic
pork bon-fillet with rosemary, with fragrant sauce, flavoured with herbs, and with baked potatoes , with rosemary

300gr - 11.50lv
Schnitzel Vienna style

300gr - 10.80lv
Shin of pork
a whole piece, with pickled cabbage and fragrant spices

1200gr - 17.80lv
Roasted lamb
with green salad and baked potatoes

300gr - 13.80lv