Veal meatballs

3qunt - 11.80lv
Home-made sausages

250gr - 10.50lv
Pork cutlet
seasoned with fragrant spices

400gr - 14.80lv
savoury sausages with mustard

4qunt - 10.80lv
Pork bacon
marinated with fragrant spices and garlic

250gr - 12.50lv
Chicken \"pekanitsa\"
stuffed chicken fillet with processed cheese, dried tomatoes, olives and garlic

300gr - 13.90lv
Marinated chicken fillet
seasoned with herbs

250gr - 10.90lv
Pork ribs Arbanassy style
marinated with herbs and honey

400gr - 13.80lv
Mixed grill
veal meatballs, marinated chicken fillet, pork bonfillet, home-made sausage, pork bacon, without garnish

1500gr - 48.00lv