Dry meat appetizers /by choice/
sudjuk, lukanka, dried meat, fillet “Elena”

100gr - 7.50lv
Bruschetti with mozzarella
with finely cut tomatoes and mozzarella, with garlic and pesto

200gr - 6.90lv
Appetizer for wine
pasturma, sudjuk, Feta cheese and buffalo cheese

300gr - 15.80lv
Fried beans with vegetables
with baby carrots, roasted peppers and onion, seasoned with spices

350gr - 7.80lv
Baked cheese \"Halloumi\"
with tomatoes, garlic, olives and oregano

150gr - 9.50lv
Polish mushrooms with dill and garlic
flavoured with dill and garlic

200gr - 13.80lv
Risotto with forest mushrooms
with porcini and meadow mushrooms, with cream and yellow cheese

300gr - 9.60lv
Stuffed eggplant
with white cheese, tomatoes, garlic and fragrant spices

200gr - 7.80lv
Chicken fillets in breadcrumbs
with garlic sauce

200gr - 8.90lv
Veal tongue “Izbata”
with mushrooms and garlic, baked with yellow cheese

250gr - 12.50lv