Spinach salad
fresh spinach, chick-peas and walnuts, with tomatoes, grated parmigiano and basil

300gr - 5.80lv
Halloumi salad
tomatoes, cucumbers, baked cheese halloumi, olives and marjoram

300gr - 6.20lv
Greek salad
tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, red onion, olives and marinated cheese

350gr - 5.80lv
Savoury appetizer
finecut tomatoes and hot pepper, with garlic, white cheese and strained milk

200gr - 4.90lv
chick-peas, sunflower ground baked sesame-seed, garlic, olive oil and spices, with small round bread

150gr - 4.80lv
Salad Kapreze
tomatoes with mozzarella cheese and spices

300gr - 6.20lv
Goat cheese salad
baked “Ribler” goat cheese, on lettuce, dried tomatoes, walnuts and croutons, seasoned with honey and dressing

300gr - 8.50lv
Garden salad
grilled zucchini and eggplant, with fresh spinach and milk sauce

350gr - 6.20lv
Karakatchanska” salad
tomatoes, roasted peppers, white cheese, egg, fenugreek

300gr - 5.80lv
Green salad with parmigiano
lettuce, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, with grated parmigiano, sun-flower vinaigrette and croutons

300gr - 5.50lv
Shopska salad
tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, white cheese

300gr - 4.80lv