Sudjuk on comb
typical sausage, cut comb--like style

350gr - 11.90lv
Pork ribs Arbanassy style

250gr - 15.80lv
Pork flanks
marinated pork bacon, with honey and garlic, with fragrant spices

250gr - 14.80lv
Veal meatballs

3qunt - 12.80lv
oblong minced-meat rissoles

3qunt - 12.80lv
Savoury pork steak
on ember, with fragrant spices

400gr - 15.80lv
Chicken pekanitsa
chicken with buffalo cheese and tomatoes, seasoned with fragrant spices

350gr - 12.80lv
Boyar’s mixed grill
sudjuk, veal meatballs, oblong rissoles, pork flanks, chicken fillet, pork ribs, without garnish

1500gr - 68.00lv