Wolf’s appetizers
sudjuk, lukanka, dried meat, fillet “Elena”

200gr - 18.50lv
Fresh buffalo cheese on satch
with honey and walnuts

250gr - 10.80lv
Appetizer for wine
dried meat (pasturma), sudjuk, buffalo cheese and yellow cheese

300gr - 19.50lv
Eggplant chaviar
roasted eggplants with olives, garlic and mayonnaise, and toasted slices of bread

200gr - 6.50lv
Paprika byurek

300gr - 7.80lv
Parsley meatballs*

300gr - 7.50lv
Stuffed eggplant
with white cheese, tomato sauce, seasoned with olive oil and garlic

300gr - 8.20lv
Baked goat cheese
wrapped in fine sheets of pastry, with jam

150gr - 10.80lv
Veal tongue, publican’s style
with mushrooms and garlic, baked with yellow cheese

250gr - 13.80lv