Home-made cabbage dolmas
traditional cabbage dolmas, with minced pork and spices

350gr - 12.50lv
Fire-dancer’s hotchpotch
chicken fillet with potatoes, peppers, mushrooms and olives, with tomato puree and hot pepper

400gr - 11.80lv
Granny’s chicken
chicken fillet stuffed with spinach and white cheese, wrapped in fine sheets of pastry,with riяе

350gr - 12.90lv
Veal with forest mushrooms
with fragrant sauce and white rice

350gr - 19.50lv
pork, onion, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, red wine, all baked with egg and hot pepper

350gr - 12.80lv
pickled cabbage with rice, sausage, chicken, pork and veal meat in earthenware, capped with dough, and baked with fragrant spices

400gr - 19.80lv
Shin of pork
with oven--baked pickled cabbage

1200gr - 19.50lv
Roasted lamb
with green salad and stewed potatoes

400gr - 18.90lv
Boyar’s satch
pork fillet, chicke and veal fillet (sausage), mushrooms, peppers, onion, with tomato sauce and spices

400gr - 19.50lv
Veal satch
veal meat and veal tongue, with mushrooms and yellow cheese, in fragrant sauce and spices

400gr - 18.00lv
“The Old Izba”satch
chicken and pork meat, sudjuk and sausage, peppers and mushrooms, in wine and spices

500gr - 28.00lv